Jamie is about as 'Tru Blue' Aussie as you can get. Growing up in far north WA, he's traveled to every nook and cranny of this state.

Recently Jamie and his Wife followed their dreams and found themselves firmly planted in Pemberton. Together they've successfully started a small acreage organic farm serving local cafe's and restaurants - You've probably already eaten his lovely lettuce...

Since moving here, Jamie and his Wife have fully embraced the community that is Pemberton.

A more spirited and passionate Pemberton person would be difficult to find. 

Jamie Copeland


Aaron - aka 'Az' - has had a love affair with Pemberton since his first visit here as a young boy. One of his most vivid memories was of a walking tour he took with his family, which is possibly why he had the idea to bring this unique experience to others.

He and his wife honeymooned here after they were married, staying at the caravan park in their VW Kombi.

They visited too many times to count, often with family, friends and their 3 children.

Several years ago they finally sold up their home in Perth and moved to Pemberton permanently.

Aaron Flanders

Meeting Point -

Pemberton Mill Hall car park

Brockman Street

Pemberton WA 6260

JC: 0447 165 814


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